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Freddy Lim


Hungry Human Pte Ltd
Hungry Hamster Club

Freddy is an entrepreneur, musician and designer with more than 2 decades of creative experience.
From 2021, he has immersed himself in Web3 and development of projects with different IPs to create and find solutions that combine physical and digital assets.
Hungry Human is the outcome of Freddy’s specializations; one that combines design and Web3 development alongside the best and trustworthy partners in Singapore.

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Stanley Nguyen

Chief Technical Officer

Hungry Human Pte Ltd

Pixel8Labs is a web3 technology and strategy consulting studio. Born during the early days of the NFT movement, Pixel8Labs has acquired a wealth of experience serving with customers with web3 needs.
With its main focus on bridging web3 to mass adoption, Pixel8Labs has delivered projects for a wide range of customers from web3 native artists like Hungry Hamster Club, to web2-going-web3 brands like Super Ordinary Friends, or multi-national brands like Louis Vuitton.

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Paulo Caperig

Chief Marketing Officer

Hungry Human Pte Ltd

Paulo Caperig is an experienced professional with a diverse skill set in content marketing, social media management, community building, and partnerships. As founder of Xcurate Marketing Agency, he has worked with businesses of all sizes, helping them achieve their marketing and growth objectives. He has also held several leadership positions in the industry, including Head of Community & Partnerships at Falco and Head of Partnerships and Community Lead at GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform and PlanetQuest. Throughout his career, Paulo has developed successful marketing strategies, created engaging content, and built strong partnerships that drive business growth.

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